Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Ok well not much to post about today except for my STUPID HIP-FLEXOR is hurt!! Wahh!:(( Yeah I am not really sure what happened but I'm pretty sure it's just an over-use injury because I went to sleep without any pain and woke up with it bothering me. I told my team about it right away when I got to the studio this morning so we decided to shoot some teaser and promo footage instead ....THANK GOD!!  After lunch we were going to forge ahead and try to film workout #19 but the crane camera was still broken and the technicians had arrived to try and work on it. After about 2 hours it was apparent that it was not going to be a quick fix so they sent me home....what? I get to go home when the sun is still up?!:))

I rushed home to be greeted by my mom and stepdad who arrived in Paris today! They are staying at a hotel nearby and will be kind of off doing their own thing while Ryan and I grind away at our jobs for the remainder of the week, but at least we'll all get to spend Christmas together which is really nice:))

Since today was the first day that I arrived home before 8pm (except for Sunday when everything was closed) my FIRST order of business after greeting my mom and stepdad was to find a massage spa!!! I have been wanting a massage so bad and haven't been able to get to a place before it closes since I get off so late so I was determined to make today the day! Ryan had inadvertently scouted out a Thai massage place while walking around a few days ago so I went there and YIPEE!!! I finally got my massage!:)) It was MUCH needed but I'm really nervous about this dang hip-flexor.

For those who don't know, the hip-flexor is a very small muscle that connects your hip to your upper quadricep and it's pretty integral to anything involving lifting your leg or core/abdomen work so it's a HUGE hindrance right now and I'm scared it's not going to heal up in time....only time will tell. I'm loading up on ibuprofen and icing the heck out of it. Send a prayer my way!

Until tomorrow....


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