Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Medicine, a doctor, and strawberry shortcake undies?!

Today, was....interesting lol:) I babied my leg last night trying to rest it as much as possible in hopes of healing it for today but I awoke with it still bothering me pretty bad. Luckily when I arrived at the office they informed me that they had decided to move the marketing photo shoot up to today as well as the teaser reel and promo shoot so there wouldn't be any working out...WOO HOO!!

The only bad part about that means that I'll be going non-stop with workouts for the rest of my working days until I leave but at least now I have the best chance of my leg fully healing before things get crazy again. So half-way through the day I passively mentioned to Akil that I would really love for my leg to be massaged because I found a GIANT muscle knot above my hip-flexor, which I'm sure is contributing to the pain. Next thing I know, he comes back into the room with he director Oliver and says to me "Ok get ready we're going to the doctor." What?! Doctor? Ok well I didn't ask to see a doctor but alright lol:) So we hop into the car with Terry the CEO and traipse 1/2 way across France (it seemed) to his doctor's office. Apparently this guy is one of the best orthopedic doctors in all of France.

Well we get there and after waiting in a room that looked like the presidential oval office for a while, we were hurried into the doctor's office where Akil explained my injury to the doctor. He escorted me into his exam room and told me to take off my jeans for a proper exam. What?! Dude, all I have on underneath is my strawberry shortcake thong! LMAO!! "I hope the French are as liberal-minded as they say they are and this old man doesn't think I'm a total freak" is all I'm thinking as I slip off my jeans and wait on the butcher paper waiting to be wrapped up like a deli sandwich. Well he comes in, and flails my legs around in every which direction stretching, flipping me on my stomach, my side and my back snap, crackle, popping me all the way down from the neck to my lower spine and hips. He barely said two words the entire time (not that I would have understood anything anyway) and after flipping me around and splaying me open like an opponent in an ancient Greek wrestling match, he promptly left the room. "Uhhh...." I called out to Akil who was waiting patiently in the other room through the open door, "dude he didn't even look at my hip or massage my leg! Can you ask him if he can look at this muscle knot or my hip flexor?!" As I hear them exchanging words in the adjoining office, I sat and waited pant-less for what seemed to be forever...with my butcher-papered butt getting cold. I wouldn't be surprised if the doctor was saying something to the effect of "Do American's think it's acceptable to show up for a chiropractic leg examination in nothing but a thong?!" haha:)  Finally Alkil yelled out "ok put your pants back on!!" lol:)

The doctor wrote me up a prescription of some pretty effective pain killers so that was one great thing that came out of the whole visit but other than that I felt bad....I felt like I had wasted everyone's time and while I appreciated all of the effort, I felt bad that the whole thing was unnecessarily blown out of proportion.

Upon returning to the office we got some lunch and shot the rest of the teaser and promo footage that will be used on the website to promote my workout series. I took some of the prescriptions and have HIGH hopes for tomorrow as they really did the job with killing the pain!!:) Wish me luck for tomorrow guys!!!

Until tomorrow....


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