Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1st Quarter Recap 2010

Well 2010 had a very busy first quarter. In my role as an auto show product specialist, I was asked to be on a dance/entertainment team we had called the Stomp Squad! It was a really fun team that performed in front of crowds with a style similar to the show Stomp. Using drum sticks, trash can lids and the sound of our rythmic stomping we put on a pretty good show (if you ask me;) and had a lot of fun doing it! Check out this YouTube video that someone posted!

 A few photos of the Stomp Squad from our season


So that performance took me to San Diego, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, D.C. and New York! It really kept us busy and was a fun crowd gatherer.  While I was in D.C. I was lucky enough to meet up with my aunt and uncle who live out in Virginia as well as my friend Jamie Lasher! I was also there for the largest snow storm in over 50 years (or something close to that:)!

Dinner with Jamie and her fiance (now husband) Alex

My aunt Nancy and Uncle Andy at the D.C. Auto Show and a picture of me in the crazy snow!

Through all of this craziness I also started coaching at Burbank high school as the sprints and hurdles coach. The head coach was nice enough to work with my crazy travel schedule and ran my workouts for me while I was on the road. I never realized how much I would love coaching but I enjoyed it more than you can imagine! I missed my little high school athletes when I was on the road and poured my heart and soul into every minute I had with them when I was home. Here is a pic of our crazy huge team...I am the tiny speck on the left towards the bottom:)

My kids enjoying an ice bath after a long hard practice

The Chicago Auto show overlaps Valentine's day every year but my sweetie of a husband didn't let distance get in the way of making my day! He ordered me a fabulous dinner to my room with chocolate covered strawberries and all...and ordered me adult onesie pajamas with the footies!! I have been secretly wanting a pair of these since I grew out of my last winnie the pooh pair when I was 6 lol!

While in Detroit I booked a photo shoot with an incredibly talented photographer The Hit Factory. She was amazing to work with and these are a few of the photos that came out of that shoot.

I also booked a photo shoot with a very talented photographer while I was in Atlanta. Here is a peek at some of the shots we got!

I always try to book gogo gigs wherever I go. This year I managed to dance in San Diego at the New Years EventVibe bash, at Sound Bar in Chicago, Lizard Lounge in Dallas, and Velour in NYC!!

Startin' off the year right with the NYE bash in San Diego! 

Me and Leo at Lizard Lounge in Dallas, TX

 Chicago at Sound Bar (right and bottom) just me! (left) me and my fellow dancin' buddy
My auto show crew came out to support me!

 Kickin' it in NYC. My crew was awesome enough to come out and support me again! Love you guys!!! The bar even put out a flyer announcing me as a special guest dancer!

I managed to book a few gigs in between auto show, gogo, and coaching track. These are the only ones I have photo proof of:) I danced at a Vegas performance for the Superbowl, did a shoot for Marc Allison Jeans (www.MarcAllisonJeans.com) and LA Boxing and worked the WOC (World of Concrete ) convention for a client that I have worked for the past two years. Just tryin' to pack it all in!

Some shots from my Marc Allison shoot:
  (left) Me and My friend Janica before our superbowl performance (right )WOC convention

The LA Boxing commercial talent crew!

Well this just about rounds it out the first quarter of 2010! I'll catch up on 2nd quarter of 2010 tomorrow. Until then...ciao!

My road family that I spend a ton of my time with in the 1st quarter of each year for auto show

Oh it's been a while....

Okay guys, well I haven't blogged in ......over a year?! Wait, seriously?! Sheeze...ok, well I'm going to try to ramp this thing up again. I really enjoy writing (I've kept a personal journal ever since I was about 6 years old) and this seems like it will be fun. Of course, that's the whole reason I started it in the first place and then I kinda fizzled out didn't I?

Ok enough about how I haven't kept up with things, let's play catch up for a bit. Let's do a recap of 2010 when I started this blog shall we?

Whenever I am trying to get a grasp on what happened in my whirlwind life I always refer back to my calendar, as I love keeping detailed records of each audition I go to, each job I do and fun events. I have done this ever since high school and I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I have kept every single planner since! My husband and I actually just recently moved and I ran across them while culling through some old boxes and I couldn't bear to throw them away! Reading through my old planners is like taking a walk down memory lane for me...much like looking through old pictures but in a different way that relies much more on my life's event schedule than my visual cortex.

Anyhow, ever since Ryan convinced me to step into the 21st century and ditch my paper book planner for my iCal (might I say seamlessly updated between my iMac, iPhone and MobileMe;), things have been a bit more streamlined. Enough about that....let's get to the updates. I think I'm going to recap the year in quarters, so I can catch up on 2010 properly and then we'll do a quarterly recap on 2011.