Monday, October 24, 2011

3rd Quarter Recap 2010

Whew! Okay folks we're gettin' there:) Just think! We can do it all over when we get to 2011!! lol:)

I began July by volunteering at the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) summer sports camp. I put on a one day hurdle clinic and had a great time spending my time coaching the kids and sharing time with them in the Lord's word.

I had a few gigs here and there, nothing too interesting but early July I got to shoot with a great photographer friend of my Ray Gutierrez.

One thing many people may or may not know about modeling is that it is an artistic expression. Chuckle and say what you will but I have been living in this industry making my living in it almost full-time for nearly 7 years. I continue to do it because I'm passionate about it. There are people who look great in person and look like crap in a picture or visa versa...I tend to think I'm on the flip side haha, I look better in pictures than I do in person, but I don't feel bad about it. In fact, I'm proud of that in a weird way! I have the artistic ability to emote and become someone else in front of the camera...I come alive, it's like I'm in a different world. I know it may sound cheesy but it's the truth. I get a great sense of joy from the artistic expression of modeling.

Why am I telling you all this? It's because I mentioned Ray Gutierrez. There are your every day, let's-make-some-money-and-pump-out-the-shots photo shoots and then there are those photo shoots where you and the photographer are perfectly in sync. Step for step, click by click....timing, positioning, lighting, expression...I wish I could explain it better but there's a chemistry there that is exhilarating when you have a great shoot with a photographer. It's like when musicians gel in perfect harmony and rhythm or athletes play so well together they seem to be doing a dance on the playing field reading each other's cues like the slightest changing direction of a summer's breeze. It's magic....I love shooting with certain photographers for this very reason, and in all the shots I've had...there are only a handful of photographers I can say this about. I love shooting with Ray. He's easy going, artistic, funny and easy to be around. Here are some of the shots we got from that shoot.

In late July I traveled up to San Fran for a convention with my girlfriend Laurie! We had a great time at the show and got to spend some much needed girl time together:)

Early August Ryan and I went up to Telluride, CO for my friend Jamie's wedding!! We had a great time mountain biking and partying with our friends!

Shortly thereafter we went on a trip to the Philippines!! There is so much to say about the Philippines that I am going to do a separate entry.

After the Philippines I came back and did an infomercial for the "Perfect Sit Up" from the makers of the "Perfect Push Up". It was awesome and I got to work with some top-level fitness models. I'm still waiting for the official video but you can catch some glances of me in this YouTube video:)

I shot another commercial for a product called "The Truth About Abs", one for LA Boxing, as well as one for a car dealership in Florida....all of which I have yet to see haha. I left for Dallas Texas in the middle of September for the long stretch known as Texas State Fair. The largest state fair in the nation and the longest job I have each year....26 days straight working the fatty fair of Texas:) I love it, I really do. The big Texas personalities, the crazy characters that come through our booth EVERY DAY, the inability to find any food that isn't fried within a 5 mile radius....what's not to love? And while I do dearly miss my husband and my animal babies back at home, I get to spend some quality time with my auto show teammates having fun dancing it up at Red River Dance hall in Dallas:)

 We do it UP fo Halloween Yo! lol:) Fred with the iPad costume (eye pad lol)

Dancin' it up at Red River!!

Well I will do a separate entry for the Philippines but that about does it for Q3 2010!

2nd Quarter Recap 2010

Okay so 2nd quarter was definitely a bit more laid back than the first part of the year. It started out with a trip to Vegas right after the New York Auto show...not skipping a beat for the NAB Convention.

After a few days there I came home to enjoy my birthday present from my hubby which was a package of salsa lessons for the two of us at Bailamos!:)


I wish I could post a picture but I don't have any lol, we had a great time though and we both learned a lot...especially at how bad we really were haha!

Whenever I can, I volunteer at high schools down in Orange County for several FCA programs (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) with a dear friend of mine Brad Stanfield. He spearheads the FCA programs in Orange County and has me share my testimony with the kids in hopes of inspiring others to go for what they want in life despite hardship and/or challenges. I was a scholarship track athlete in college and I tell them where I came from and what I had to go though to get there. I hope that my testimony speaks to them and pray that the Lord can use me to speak His love into their lives in a way that they they can understand. If you want to see the entire blog entry that my dear friend Brad Stanfield writes, you can check it out at:

North OC FCA Blog

If you feel moved to donate

Or you can just see the video below where I share my testimony to a group of athletes at Orange Lutheran High School:

I sometimes wonder if the kids even realize how much they inspire me....I can only hope to do the same for them!

In May, I filmed a commercial for a company called Notefax. I worked with a company called Global Media Marketing and little did I know that this commercial would lead to a whole bunch of other work! I have come to love the little family over at Global Media and enjoy working with them each and every shoot:)

Also in May I went to San Francisco to spend some time with my beloved girlfriends from college to celebrate a dual bachelorette party! We had a blast to say the least:)


Work-wise things were pretty quiet. Not to say I didn't have work but nothing too big:) I did nab a magazine spread in an up-and-coming magazine in Hollywood toward the end of June. The spread is below.

That's all for the 2nd quarter of 2010 folks!