Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Write a letter to yourself....

I heard a very curious story on NPR yesterday while I was driving around to my various auditions. It was about a 23-year-old mother who writes a regular blog and asked some of her older followers to write a letter to their 20-something selves in hopes of learning from their gained wisdom. So I thought I'd throw it out there....write a letter to yourself 5 years ago. I'd love to hear and learn from what you have learned.

I'll go first:)

You just graduated college, you have the whole world ahead of you. I know you are in a job that sucks the life out of you right now but be thankful for it because it is going to make you hate that kind of work so much it will force you to do something more brave than you ever imagined.....become an entrepreneur. Sounds weird right? Just be patient it will be something you never imagined for your life:)

Things will be difficult for a while, but just know that God has bigger plans for you....TRUST ME I'm on the other side of it and you will be so much happier in a few years than you could have ever dreamed.  Stay strong, trust your gut instincts (God gave them to you for a reason) and try to love everyone around you the best that you can.

Believe in yourself, and your ability to be successful and happy. Work hard (like you always do) and remember to take time to relax and treat yourself to something nice once in a while:) I am proud of what you are about to embark upon! You are a strong and capable woman....always remember that.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

poo flies in the house! yech!

With the summer heat the freakin' flies from the outside doggy run are venturing in the house....groooossss!!

Off to find a short shirt....

I have been tasked with finding a short shirt today to show off my mid-section for a photoshoot I have tomorrow. The reason is that the entire purpose of the shoot is to showcase a belt-buckle and the shirt cannot hide it.

I think I'll have better luck in the downtown garment district with all the "hoochie clubby" clothes they have (plus it's cheap!) but if you guy's have any suggestions let me know!

Chelsea Hunter Blog: Jeans, Buckles and Idiots....

Chelsea Hunter Blog: Jeans, Buckles and Idiots....: "So here goes on my first venture to tell you about the mundane happenings in my life. I have been working with a man named Kevin who has a p..."

Facebook and Blog is driving me crazy!

Dude I cannot figure all of this stuff out! It's making me very frustrated:(

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jeans, Buckles and Idiots....

So here goes on my first venture to tell you about the mundane happenings in my life. I have been working with a man named Kevin who has a patent on a V-shaped belt-buckle (of sorts), and have been helping him design the piece and figure out the logistics to alter the jeans.

I will cut to the chase of my frustration today. The company who has been entrusted with altering the jeans prides themselves on being the only specialty denim alteration company in LA. The guy who is the head of the operation has been in the denim industry for over 30 years apparently. Well I dropped the jeans off on Friday and CLEARLY communicated to the guy that I needed the jeans to be finished by Tuesday for a photo shoot that we have scheduled on Thursday morning.

The man I'm working with (Kevin) bought a flight out here specifically for this photo shoot so the jeans HAD to be ready. I find out today, after hearing a bunch of lies, giving me the run around and dealing with irresponsible behavior, that the jeans have not even BEEN SENT OUT TO THE MAIN TAILOR!!!!

I have no problem with hang-ups in a process. If you can't follow through with a commitment, at LEAST have the decency to tell the person so that they have time to re-evaluate right?! Now I don't have any other option as I need the jeans done by TOMORROW!

So frustrating.....just be upfront and honest people, when you lie to me to try to cover your butt it just pisses me off more.

What do you guys think?

The blogganator!!!

Okay people so this is my first blog......there you go....weee!!!