Saturday, December 17, 2011

Paris de cinq jours: Day Five in Paris!!!

So today is Saturday!! Wait, don't get too excited, it may be the weekend for everyone else but not for me boo!! haha:) The alarm woke me around 7am and I rolled out of bed surprised to see Ryan wide-eyed and bushy-tailed clanking away with food in the kitchen. "What the hell are you doing up?" I asked, befuddled why on earth someone would for-go precious sleep (a high commodity in my life right now lol). "I'm coming with you today remember?" my brain is fried lately. I totally forgot!Not to mention that I woke up feeling like total s*%$! I think I finally got a version of what Ryan has been battling over the past few days despite my best efforts to avoid it by ingesting an elephant's dose of vitamin C and airborne/emergen-C type effervescent stuff every day...booo:(

So Ryan again, magically whipped up an AMAZING breakfast for me...what a sweetheart he makes my heart melt:))) Again with the limited ingredients we have he made us french toast with a almond butter, butter and honey drizzle for the syrup with creme fresh and raspberries on top!!! It was SOOOO GOOD!!! I got ready and we headed out for Coach Club.

We managed to catch a really pretty sunrise on our walk over, which I have not seen since I've been here. The days are so short here I walk to work in the morning before the sun rises and I walk home well after the sun has set. The only part of the day I get to see is if I leave the office during lunch for a few moments. I must admit I was dreaming of a white Christmas in Paris and was fully expecting it to be freezing cold and snowy! It isn't that at all in fact, it's about the same temperature as LA (a tiny bit colder) and just rainy and grey:( Waah! I wanted a white Christmas!! Haha ok well even if I don't get that this year the little old man who owns our flat did leave us a really cute little white Christmas tree with lights and ornaments on it!! I almost died when I came in and saw it in the flat....this man has NO IDEA how much I love Christmas:)) That reminds me I have to take some pictures of our place and post them!

So Ryan came and watched my first workout. It went alright but I was honestly so tired it was not even close to my best so I was kinda bummed he watched that one, but oh well. He got to meet my main contact Aurelie who is the marketing manager over there. He also got to meet Oliver and Alex as well as the camera crew.

After he left we knocked out two more workouts (man the 2nd one of the day felt GOOD!) and then filmed some more technical movement segments. So hopefully (FINGERS CROSSED) I'm through with filming 4 workouts a day for a while. I'm OFFICIALLY half way through all of my episodes!! I think I'm going to try to get a massage body is HURTING!!!!! Although, I will say that my knee felt better today thank goodness:)

Ok well tomorrow is my FIRST day off!! And one of only three I may add so Ryan and I are going to try to make the best of it and hop around Paris to see a few things.

Until tomorrow!!


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