Thursday, December 15, 2011

PARIS La Troisième Partie: Day Two Workout Whirlwind


I didn't want to drag my sorry ass out of bed but I lugged my body out of bed and somehow managed to get ready.

I took my little commute on the metro feeling very Parisian (with the exception of the fact that I couldn't read any text around me or understand anything said around me....just that one little thing though :). Arriving at the studio, we wasted no time and started filming right after I got into my first workout outfit.

Things sailed along pretty smoothly after making a few changes to the workouts and we knocked out workouts 2 and 3 before lunch. Akil, my interpreter was kind enough to offer to show me around for lunch. Being a vegan, I was eager to pick his brain on good eats in Paris since I'm pretty much a vegetarian these days (only by digestional choice since my stomach is so sensitive:) He showed me a great little restaurant where most of the crew eats for lunch every day and then walked me over to a phenomenal little market where they had all sorts of great food including SOY MILK!! I can drink regular milk but only for a bit....then things start to go south if you know what I'm I was very happy to find some soy milk.

We returned to the studio, ate lunch and knocked out workouts 3 and 4...whew! Four workouts in the can and I was off to home. Getting home around 8pm Ryan managed to drag his super sick body out the door with me to go grab some dinner. We weren't too ambitious and settled on the nearest place around the corner from our flat, a little pizza place called Villa Murat. We each ordered a small pizza and sleepily ingested it enjoying the comfort of each other's company for the first quiet moment we had had in what seemed like weeks. We returned to the apartment and again I collapsed into bed before 10pm, ready to wake up for another early day.

D'etre be continued! (p.s. totally stole this from Google translator:)


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