Saturday, December 17, 2011

Paris de quatre jours: Day Four in Paris!

Well I woke up feeling.....yeah you guessed it, tired as usual, however my hubby got up with me and decided to cook me the most delicious breakfast! We have a mish-mash of food currently at our flat but he managed to scrounge up a GREAT meal! I thought it was so sweet I took a picture of it:))

I was off to work with a great breakfast in my belly and FINALLY I got to use my curling iron! Woo hoo! Haha it sounds so stupid but you take little things like that for granted when you have use of them every day.  Ryan managed to run around yesterday and find a power converter so now we can actually plug in our things here in our flat. Anyhow, we knocked out workouts 10,11, and 12 and we had planned on filming 4 workouts yesterday but my left knee really started to bother me. I know it's not injured, I can tell it's just my IT band flaring up from overuse. The thing is, the workouts I have been filming are beginner level for now which is why we are cramming so many into a day, but even though they are easy they are 45 minutes each! All the activity, lack of sleep and rest kinda flared it up a bit and it was starting to ache. I iced it with a bag of peas I found in the refrigerator downstairs in the office kitchen but since I was really dragging and my knee was bothering me anyway, Oliver (pronounced Olivieeeee;) the director said it would be ok if we didn't film the 4th workout and we filmed technical movement segments instead. What are technical movement segments?

Well I was wondering the same thing, lol. Coach Club has each coach explain certain technical movements to the viewers in a way that breaks it down into basic steps. The funny thing about it is that they do it in a kitchy way:) First they film you explaining what body parts the movement works. Then they film you speaking YOURSELF through the movement like I would say, "Ok Chelsea we're going to do forward lunges are you ready? Ok feet shoulder width apart....etc" you get the idea right? Well then they play back the audio that you already recorded speaking to YOURSELF into the studio and you demonstrate it for your twin, it's hilarious! I had a TON of fun being a complete goofball with my digital twin while demonstrating the moves. I hope you guys can check them out some day:)

It was a nice break to be able to film the technical movement segments. My translator Akil left today and I will get my other translator Alex back for tomorrow.....working again tomorrow on Saturday! After work I walked over to this nice food market that is near the Coach Club office and picked up a few more groceries as we didn't have enough at the flat. I finally walked in around 9pm and could hardly keep my eyes open long enough to edit my workouts. I STILL haven't unpacked my bag yet!!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's adventures!!


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