Thursday, December 15, 2011

PARIS La Deuxieme Partie: First Day Workout Whirlwind!!!

After arriving in Paris I felt haggard, stressed, tired and weary. I hardly slept at all on the 7.5 hour flight due to the fact that I was rushing to finish the last few workouts on the plane ride over....nothing like leaving things to the last minute right? Well I would have been able to finish them sooner had I not been completely consumed with my sister's wedding and all of the responsibilities that went along with that. Not that I minded but it put me back a few days.

We promptly grabbed a cab after arriving and began the long, grey and rainy ride in the Paris traffic. After collapsing on my bag in the back seat for a nap during the ride,  I was jolted awake to find we were at our flat. Literally within minutes of dragging our barrage of bags into the lobby of the apartment complex my coordinator came through the door. I felt so embarrassed! I must have looked like a homeless vagabond! I hadn't showered in almost 2 days, was coated in a layer of slimy face grime from the plane ride and had swollen bags under my puffy eyes from crying so much the night before. I must have looked like a pure dream, I just know it!;)

Without having a chance to change or unpack my bags I was whisked off to the Coach Club office where I was introduced to everyone in the office in my ABSOLUTE BEST state....sigh, nothing like making a great first impression, yay! lol:) I  was taken downstairs and got acquainted with my dressing/locker room. 

Since I missed Monday (which was supposed to be a day for me to get things sorted and rest up from  my trip) there was no time to waste and I began getting ready to film my first workout. Luckily there was a make up artist there to save me...and an interpreter to help me understand what the heck was going on:)

I hopped into the shower and must have been in such a delirium I didn't close the shower door all the way. I stepped out of the shower to find the lake I had created from leaving the shower door open a crack. OOPS! "No problem," I thought, "I'll just sop it up with a few towels and no one will ever know. After all, this is my own dressing room so I  can clean up before they get in here!" Right as I was finishing up drying up the last couple spots I heard an exclamation out in the lobby/kitchen area outside of my dressing room. "Oh no!! I thought, haha:) I opened the door and found I had managed to flood that area much for saving myself from further embarrassment! Messing up/missing my flight CHECK, arriving looking like a homeless person with almost no sleep CHECK, flooding the dressing room and common area kitchen lobby....sigh CHECK.

Moving on...after being thrown into hair and makeup magic, I was starting to resemble a normal person again but I was running on pure fumes for sure. We got into the studio and I was given a quick run down of how the schedule would flow. We were aiming to film 3 of the first workouts by the end of the heard me right....3!

Well I did it.....I got through the first workout. I have to admit I felt pretty darn good about my first workout! I'm pretty hard on myself usually but I have to say it was nearly flawless! I always seem to perform well under tons of pressure and on no fuel haha:) Only one PROBLEM:  I was sweating like a fat lady running a marathon in the deep south on a hot summer's day lol! 

I had made the first workout WAYYYY to hard. After seeing me force my way through it with toothpicks holding my eyelids up and a crazed smile on my face (and that's not too far of an exaggeration haha) the directors pulled me aside and softly suggested "Chelsea why don't you go and take a shower and we'll go over a few notes ok?" I knew some changes were on the way. 

We went over the workouts and they gave me a few notes to make some small changes and told me, "We realize you're giving it your all but we also realize you are very tired. Why don't you go home and we'll start filming tomorrow?" I nearly jumped out of my ragged body I was so elated!! Even though I was happy to finally be there and see all of my hard work come to fruition all I could think about was shutting my eyes for a few moments....or days:)

I was escorted back to my flat where I had left my bewildered husband. The production assistant Myriam went with me to show me my metro route I would be taking for the next 2.5 weeks. I fumbled around people in the subway finding it odd that I was suddenly speaking broken English in a Parisian accent haha:)

After getting back, I had to head out to get some bare essentials: scraps of food and some cold medicine for my husband who was getting pathetically more sick from one moment to the next...poor thing. Not speaking a lick of French other than "Merci," "Bonjour" and "Croissant"  I found the nearest pharmacy and coughed, sniffled and raised my shoulders in a questioning manner like " me out here lady...I'm pretty good at charades so let's just do this thing." She threw something at me that looked like drugs and mumbled a bunch of stuff in French...and I'm thinking "God help me I hope I don't kill my husband!" lol!

I came back, flopped into bed setting my alarm for 6am the next morning right before my eyelids slammed shut like iron doors.

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