Thursday, December 15, 2011

PARIS Une Part: Flight Complications!

Okay guys I'm going to TRY (try being the key word here lol) to write a post every day that I am here in Paris!

That being said...I'm not off to a very good start ha! This is my third day here so far but I have been SO buried, busy and tired that I have barely been able to muster up enough energy to function!

Where to begin....let's start at the ugly beginning before we arrived...

Well to make a LONG story short (which I'm never good at doing but I'll make my best attempt anyway) when I went to check on tickets for Paris, I needed to buy a ticket leaving from the east coast and returning to the west coast (an open jaw ticket). Well the open jaw ticket was REALLY expensive so I called the airlines to see if it were possible to buy a round trip ticket from LA with a layover on the east coast before heading to Paris, and to ONLY catch the second leg of the trip from the east coast to Paris. Well whoever the hell I spoke with at Continental said that it would be no problem at all and that all I needed to do was to check in on-line before hand.

I was over on the east coast in Massachusetts for my sister's wedding (which was a whirlwind in itself!) and also trying to finish up writing my last workouts. Ryan and I arrived at the airport harried and exhausted from the previous week's festivities (driving for 3 days straight to Maryland and back to visit friends and then dealing with wedding mayhem and responsibilities) tired but ON TIME. We get to the ticket counter and they tell us our TICKET HAS BEEN CANCELLED!!! What?!?! I seriously couldn't handle it...I burst out into a heap wallowing in a puddle of tears for the next 4 hours while Ryan had to hold it together trying to get things straightened out with the airlines. I will spare you the details but we ended up having to BUY 2 NEW TICKETS all together.....SERIOUSLY?!

We booked a hotel, and after a few hundred more tears, slept for a few winks and were off in the morning on a new flight to Paris!!

Read on  if you'd like to hear about my first two days:))


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