Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh it's been a while....

Okay guys, well I haven't blogged in ......over a year?! Wait, seriously?! Sheeze...ok, well I'm going to try to ramp this thing up again. I really enjoy writing (I've kept a personal journal ever since I was about 6 years old) and this seems like it will be fun. Of course, that's the whole reason I started it in the first place and then I kinda fizzled out didn't I?

Ok enough about how I haven't kept up with things, let's play catch up for a bit. Let's do a recap of 2010 when I started this blog shall we?

Whenever I am trying to get a grasp on what happened in my whirlwind life I always refer back to my calendar, as I love keeping detailed records of each audition I go to, each job I do and fun events. I have done this ever since high school and I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I have kept every single planner since! My husband and I actually just recently moved and I ran across them while culling through some old boxes and I couldn't bear to throw them away! Reading through my old planners is like taking a walk down memory lane for me...much like looking through old pictures but in a different way that relies much more on my life's event schedule than my visual cortex.

Anyhow, ever since Ryan convinced me to step into the 21st century and ditch my paper book planner for my iCal (might I say seamlessly updated between my iMac, iPhone and MobileMe;), things have been a bit more streamlined. Enough about that....let's get to the updates. I think I'm going to recap the year in quarters, so I can catch up on 2010 properly and then we'll do a quarterly recap on 2011.

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